I am 45 years old, 21 years ago as a passenger I was ejected through the passenger door (not window), bowing the door outwards and breaking the latch, of a full size truck. I sustained over 80 broken bones including my rt. hip (5 pins), Lt. femur (titanium rod), crushed Lt. knee (metal & plastic), pelvis fractured in 3 places, Compression fractures of L1,2,3,4,and 5, crushed Lt. ankle and 5 breaks between Lt. knee and foot, rt. foot 2 breaks and rt. ankle 1 break. broken collar bone and shoulder, radial wrist fracture, and several other bones, it's hard to recall them all 21 years later, without consulting my medical records. I also suffered 5 ruptured discs, 3 bulging discs, herniated c3 with pinched nerves. And now have 3 types of arthritis, osteo, rheumatoid, and psoriatic. alot of soft tissue damage, ruptured vein which causes veinistasis. Sorry, but I really need some good advise, and thought maybe if I told most of my problems, I might recieve some. Before the accident I was in excellent physical condition, I worked out, and ran every day, and I was 24 years old. Probably the only reason I survived the accident (according to my doctors). almost 2 years after the accident I did go back to work for several years, but everyday was a struggle and eventually I was unable to do my job. Now to the point, having never taken any drugs, I was able to make it OK on 8 tylox a day after getting out of the hospital until I had healed enough, then actually made it with nothing for a short time, but was put on Vicodin sometime before the plant I worked for called me in for a meeting, wanting to put me on the plants disability plan, I was later told they were afraid I would get hurt on the job because my ability to do my job considerably diminished, I was no longer able to hide the difficulties I was having, even though I was up to 4 percocet 10 a day. Since leaving my job, I have been in Pain Management. The amounts and strengths of medicine have been increasing since then. I am now up to 3 Oxycontin 80mg, .3 Roxicet 30mg for breakthrough, and 4 Tramadol per day, I also use Lidoderm patches as needed. I am very concerned about my situation You need to know that at 1 time I was on 3 OC80, 3OC40, 5 Roxy 30, and Fentanyl suckers eacn day. I had to come down some from all that, my pain was well controlled, but I didn't like being messed up all the time. Can anybody tell me of a better medicine/ or combination that could possibly help me, without taking so much or being in a fog. Fentanyl patches workd great I thought, because they were constant, no waking up hurting bad, but i can't wear them becauso of my psoriassis. Thank you very much for any help and God Bless! Buddy