... told to try taking one pill or two pills at a time depending on how i felt. I have two questions regarding the adderall. First is it felt like it was working and good in the beginning but didn't seem to last very long. Should i be taking a second dose? Or is the adderall XR better? I wish it lasted longer. My second question is that I was given the generic version from my pharmacy for insurance/cost reasons. They have two kinds the one by Teva (Barr)and the one by Corepharma. I took one corepharma pill and it seemed to give me bit of a euphoric good feeling, suppressed appetite and worked for focus but not great. Then i read how bad those pills were and asked the pharmacist to switch to the Teva ones. I took the same dose of this brand the next day and didn't seem to feel as euphoric and not as strong but i'm not sure. I also seem to have a headache and it didn't last too long. And i ate dinner but feel nauseous after eating. I would appreciate any advice!!! Thanks!!!