I have had severe back pain for 2.5 years due to a degenerated disk (L5), on my MRI, it looks like the one disk is obliterated while the other disks look great. My pain management doctor has prescribed a combination of vicodin, percs, mscontin etc. in an effort to control my pain and find the right combination for me. I am currently taking 2 doses of 20mg of Oxycontin per day, the script says every 12 hours but I take one at 7:30 am and am ready for the next one at about noon. My Dr. knows I don't wait 12 hours to take the next one, she just tells me to do what works. I also have two 10mg percs I take for breakthrough pain per day.

Here's my issue - she never discussed how I should take these for breakthrough pain. Some days it seems like I metabolize the meds quickly and I need more, once in a while the meds take good care of the pain and I feel like I'm getting too much. One evening I went to bed and was going back and forth between freezing and sweating and I was some trouble breathing comfortably. Again, other times I don't feel like I'm getting enough and I'm borrowing 1/2 pill from tomorrow's dose. My body doesn't seem to deal with the meds in a consistent way.

It seems Oxycontin has a bad name which is so unfair to legitimate pain sufferers, without pain meds I would be bedridden. I'm 48, husband/2 kids, work full time with my own business, do what I can to maintain extended family relationships and do volunteering within the community/school/church. Like many of you I don't have the option of quitting life so I can lay in bed and hurt. I take only the meds prescribed to me and I'm under the care of a pain doctor. I also do Chiro, PT, massages (my personal favorite), swim, do my exercises and anything else I can to participate in my own solution. I don't feel guilty about being on pain meds and I don't let people give me the 'high brow' when I tell them my situation. Walk a mile in my shoes and then we can talk. They allow me to live my life and serve the people that depend on me with very few side effects, I will be very happy to take them until I have the insurance coverage + nerve to get surgery as a permanent solution to the problem.

Have a nice evening and thanks so much in advance for any help/suggestions/advice.