Hello I just turned 18 and need some help with SA and depression. I started working 9 months ago part time and go to high school currently. I was not a social butterfly but I did not have anxiety problems with social situations. I do have some OCD, GAD, and depression as well. 2 months I quit because I couldn't take the headache of anxiety which was irritating. When I started working I started developing social anxiety because all these negative feelings and thoughts I got there. A month ago I was prescribed 20mg Prozac and 25mg Hydroxzyine. I do feel happier, confident, and go out at least. Though the negative thoughts of social situations are still there.. that comes up.. its awkward.. i gotta talk.. or some random crap about negative.. Its helping a lot but isn't Prozac old and there are better SSRi's for SA?I feel like it's helping but I keep thinking what if I change medicine to like Paxil, Lexapro, or Zoloft? Should I just be happy that im making improvetment.. I dont know.. my Prozac went to 40mg 2 days ago, but I don't know.. I still have sometimes get paranoid in SA sitatuions.. but not as bad.. I dont have panic attacks I guess.. I can do better in school but I guess I want to improve more.. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
i barely have side effects now.. maybe being tired.. but thats about it.. I dont have dry mouth or go to bathroom alot or upset stomach at first.. I do though have rapid heartbeat which i dunno is from the medicine or I just feel it more.. Though I still have irritation/numbish in the back of my head sometimes.. stiff feeling in my neck i guess is lessesed but i still have some itchy anxiety feeling..
Though I made improvement in my OCD, GAD, SAD, and depression overall I guess. I was never diagnosed with them but I know I have similar symptoms of these. I had ok time talking to my doctor but I'm kind of scared to change medicine but I want to.. PLEASE HELP.. IM SO CONFUSED CAUSE I GOT JUST DISCOVERED ABOUT THESE DISORDERS AND THESE MEDICINES FOR THEM.