This isnt really a question, it's more of a need for advice of what to do in a situation. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 3 months now and we never had any kind of problems. Here and there he would ask me for money for cigarettes or something little like that then a few weeks ago he called me asking for 60 dollars and he was panicing because he "owed" some people money for drugs. He told me he was selling them because he needed more money to pay for his apartment. I didnt have the 60 to give him but i helped him out with 20 of my own graduation money. He knew i was getting sick of him asking me for money but i thought i was doing a good thing by helping him out every once in awhile. Yesterday he told me we needed to talk about some things and he said he was going to get help and i asked what for and he said he has a drug problem. I've never been so hurt in my life because he has lied to me multiple times and completely destroyed my trust with him. I need help on what to do about this problem I want to stay with him but some friends have told me to go on a break so he can get help. Love is a funny thing.. you're completely blinded to reality. I would really appreciate any kind of advice or input to my problem. Thank you!