I have been talking to a friend, who went off their narcotics with Suboxone. They say that the suboxone was the best thing that ever happened, and actually "took the fog out that they didn't know they even had" The grass was greener, sky bluer, etc. I was told that the suboxone was enough to handle the pain, but when something happened, or more was needed, they would go off of the suboxone andstart on a narcotic for about a month until it was no longer needed. Then they started back on the suboxone. I have been told by two doctors that my pain would actually get better if I went off of narcotics. I am very confused. I was doing GREAT on the Oxycontin, better than I had been since I suffered from chronic pain, until they changed the formula. Now I am on Morphine Sulfate ER, apparently at a higher dose than on the Oxy, and even with the three percocets that I take a day for breakthrough, I am miserable. I am in constant pain. When I was on the Oxy, I BARELY needed breakthrough meds. I simply don't know what to do, and would like the advice of all of you, who understand my dilemma. Any advice??