... good for a person that has major leakage at night? See I have something called (polyuria) Fequent urination and I need help on this problem I Am having. But when I get (Diaper) Sampl,ezs my mom takes them away from me. and rips them up on me.. I've tried everything posable. from talking to my doc. to cut down on fluids. and I have talked to my friend that understands me. But they say. try diaper pads. for a while and the Pads. don't work for me at ll cause I leak more then a pad can hold.. Then they say.. try messuring the urian in a bottle or contaner.. I do just that and when i go back to tell them and get advice for it they dont help me at all... Now My pee color is yellow/green sometimes white. Don't know if that matters for you to help me.. And I also Do this SOME nights out of a week.. And I have to go to the bathroom every half hour. So an you help me out with this I am having.. Thanks