I am opiate tolerant. I've had gastric by-pass surgery. I have a bulging disc in my lower back. I also have sciatic nerve pain and a few other pinched nerve pain problems. I have moderate scoliosis as well. Basically, I hurt everyday all day, even in my sleep from the waist down. I have tried several opiates. Naturally being opiate tolerant, I am at the morphine and up level to get any relief. However, heres where my problem lys. So far morphine, ms contin and dilaudid make my feet and ankles swell very, very bad. Like can't wear shoes bad. I don't know where to go from here! I just got a script for 4mg dilaudid three days ago and my left ankle is HUGE. I also take gabupentin for the sciatic nerve pain. That also makes my ankles swell but not near as bad as the opiates. I know everyone is different and will react differently to all meds. I'd just like to know what opiates helped the most and at what dose considering the gastric bypass and tolerance. Thanks again. Scared and discouraged.