I have a very real anxiety disorder. I say that because a top notch psychiatrist dx me with GAD. I already knew I had it but it was nice to know he confirmed it. But what I don't have is a doc who is willing to treat it with Benzos, which is the only meds that really work. I've tried Buspar and even very low doses of Zyprexa, all to no avail. So out of sheer desperation I started taking some Trazodone I have for sleep. I stared out with about 25 mg a day and after 2 weeks I was up to 50 mg. Oh btw, it stopped putting me to sleep. So in an effort to get the sleepiness again, I upped the dose to 50 mg 2 times in the evening. I guess I'm doing this much about 1 week, and now I think I'm feeling excessive anxiety from not taking it. In other words a withdrawal symptom. Can this be, does anyone know? I am aware that originally Trazodone was called Desyrel and was an anti depressant med. I never liked it much so I didn't use it. But back then I had a doc who was giving me Valium and Trazodone and Valium didn't seem like a good mix. I no longer get Valium and that's fine because I found out Valium causes depression. I now prefer Ativan, Xanax or Klonopin. Klonopin is the least effective but it beats sitting here feeling like I swallowed a jar of Mexican jumping beans. I have never been addicted to Benzos nor have I ever felt a high from them. When I have Xanax or Ativan I usually take 0.5 mg at a time and usually only 3 times in a week. I am very careful to not develop a dependency for it. But in this regard my doc is a jerk because he won't give it to me. And I lack the funds to go looking for a doc who will treat my anxiety. It's sad too, because I know quite a few people here who also need Benzos for anxiety and you have a sympathetic doc.

So here I am today at only 2 pm and I feel like I Need Trazodone already. I never took Trazodone every night before for more than 3 nights in a row. Now I've taken it nightly for over a month. Can I have developed a tolerance for it and now I need it to feel normal already? I didn't know Trazodone can even do that. If it can do that what makes the docs think it's any better than a Benzo. Especially since Benzos are much more effective on my anxiety. So is all this real, or my imagination? Opinions please.