I'm currently a high school student and this year my social anxiety got more worse due to a job experience. I always felt paranoid there, I worked there for 7 months and now the paranoia won't go away at anywhere.
I was currently taking Divalproex, Ativan, Buspar, and Propanpol for my conditions. Though nothing was helping so the doctor gave me 25mg Zoloft and 1mg Risperdone to see how it goes. I have social anxiety, OCD, GAD, and bipolar thats why my doctor is seeing how zoloft will affect my bipolar. I was found out I'm bipolar after prozac made me manic. So for about 1-2 months I was Divalproex but did nothing.
Lately my anxiety is getting worse to the point I can't take it, what do I do. I got prescribed zoloft few days but I don't know if its going to help. I been having these headaches that feels like the shot the dentist gives, and its been for awhile I had this. Also I been bad stomach upsets or constant nausea prior to taking Zoloft. Though I don't know if its cause of Zoloft but my anxiety has been because I been having anxiety attacks I think. I only been on Zoloft for a few days but I don't know.. I have school in 2 weeks and I don't think I can go.. My anxiety seems to more worse after I started Zoloft, What should I do.. at home I keep having racing thoughts and sometimes sucidial thoughts that seems to really bug me.. I was fine before working after that paranoid experience I always paranoid in social situations.