My husband Jeff is a recovering alcoholic. He drank for 15 years, played around with opiates here & there & Xanax when he went to his PCP to talk about his alcohol dependency for which his doctor prescribed 16 mg of Suboxene. After 8 months he went off cold turkey bc he felt like that eerie was gone but the withdrawal from Sub wasn't explained to us properly... so he had to start the program all over again.

Anyways, since he quit drinking, he's been horribly depressed. Kinda chicken/egg thing. Unsure if depression was always present ( 20 years ago he also abused cocaine, crack and opiates which he quit cold turkey but then self-medicated with beer. He drank about 2-3 cases a weekend at his worst) or if the deputation was the result of the alcohol leaving his system.

When he began the Suboxene it was a wonder drug but as time has progressed, I've watched him sink further into a kind of robot type person quicksand. He had no desire to socialize, no desire for me (it's been 4 yrs since we had any kind of sex or physical contact) & he is barely holding it together at work. He's missed 14 weeks of work alone this year.

He's on 300 mg of Effexor a day (not to mention Vytorin, Lisinopril & Trilipix bc at the height of his alcoholism 4 yrs ago at age 35..his liver function tests were abnormal for which then a stress test caught a 99% & 75% blockage in his heart for which he had to get 3 stents) and daily inhalers for very serious chronic asthma. (I read if you have decreased lung function not to be on well as anti-depressants). His lungs only function at 68% ever.

I guess what I'm asking is could the Suboxene interact with these other meds/conditions to make him so lethargic & feel so down or is this the effects of recently tapering from 4 mg to 2 mg? I feel like it would have been better to allow him to continue drinking sometimes bc atleast he was still HIM & happy..though I know stopping drinking was good for him & that's a ridiculous statement but I just want my husband back.
Anymore, he's always depressed, dizzy, sweaty/clammy that drives him crazy. He's an overall blah person. Nothing makes him happy & though he ' hates his existence', he never cries. He isn't overweight but he can sweat through a ball cap doing the most minimal of activities. I also feel isolated bc I can see the difference in him but he can't or won't admit it. He is as protective of the Suboxene as he was of the alcohol. He hasn't relapsed on the pills or drinking once since taking the Suboxene but he's also a shell of who he once was.

For those of you that take it... do you feel this way also or do loved ones say the same or does this sound more like an anti-depressant/depression problem?

Thank you all for any help, input! I know this was a lot of information.
** Jeff also states he can't sleep though he is the sleepiest person I know. He takes about 2-3 Advil PM a night. It states the suboxene intensifies sleeping pills. I often wonder if this is a side affect of being unable to sleep welk or if he abuses the sleeping pills for a little buzz. He pupils look ridiculous in the middle of the night & mornings. Tels me he almost falls sleep driving sometimes. I get exhausted by all this but I feel sorry for him but his personality is changing. Not in a good way. Argumentative when he NEVER was before. I can cry in front of him to the point of hyper-ventilating & it's like he's not there. His goal in life & a part of his wedding vows was to always make me happy but I can't get through to him that he's so distant, removed, & not present. He says he's sorry but nothing changes. Is this Sub, depression... or just him? I don't know him anymore. :(