My son has been out of my house since November 25, 2011 due to a domestic violence situation with my 22 year old daughter. He is moody, disrespectful, and I know he has been smoking pot but I'm afraid he may also be using something else. He is not allowed back in my house and after he was released from jail after the domestic violence incident he got a job and seemed to be doing OK. I am divorced from his father who is an alcoholic and his father is the one who ended up getting him out of jail. He was living with his father until two days before Christmas and his father threw him out of his house and he spent December 23 and December 24th in his car. His father ended up getting him a room at a local motel the afternoon of Christmas Day and he has been there ever since. He is still working but today started displaying his old behaviors by stating it would be easier if he just offed himself. I have been trying to give him advice in regard to getting a place of his own but he is starting to push back and pull at my heartstrings by texting me that he should just kill himself. I can no longer have him living in my home because of the verbal abuse and bullying. And now the physical abuse while my daughter, his sister, was visiting for Thanksgiving. It is breaking my heart to turn my back when he says these things. But I know I must. I believe I need to seek support to help me stay strong. He goes along just fine, all is well and then every 6 to 8 weeks there is some sort of negative drama that creates pure havoc among those around him. He has driven away all his friends due to angry hurtful outbursts and not a single one of his old friends will have anything to do with him. There is the good side of my son, but I always know the evil will come out sooner or later. I get my hopes up that the tide is turning only to be crushed with some sort of negative outburst that has him spitting in my face, telling me he wishes I was dead and that I had died when I was diagnosed with cancer. He has kicked in my car door and damaged many items in my home during these outbursts. One of my problems is that I have always been there to pick up the pieces when he gets in trouble and "fix" things. This is another reason I cannot have him living here because I believe I only enable his bad behavior because my heart gets in the way. The behavior he exhibits is a mirror of the behavior his father would exhibit. I also believe this is why he has these issues, but I now realize I cannot "fix" this and at the same time I do worry about what is going to happen to him. I don't believe I could handle it if anything happened to him. I am at my wits end yet trying to stay strong so that I do not continue enabling this behavior. Is there a support group where I can go to share and know I am not alone?