She has never went too this extreme before she is lying,stealing making upall kinds of stories,bickering,arguing and yelling at everyone even when asked simple questions like what d you want for breakfast shell yell or snap out the answer. She wants attention all the time as ssn as she walks into another room f the house she calls me in the room like goes in the bathroom calls me in mom I wasn't wndering if I can have a drink when I'm done. Not like she's not aloud to have a drink anytime the fridge is never locked lol but another concern is she started peeing the bed again. Anything anyone wants to say or comment please do! She keeps saying she thinks dhe should be on her sisters bipolar med lamictal I'm afraid she will try to take it I'm hiding it she is a hypocondriact always saying something is wrong ever litle bump or bruise she gets thinks she broke a bone and will hop around or hold it for weeks a litl skimmed knee or whatever. She's been out of control and loves advil tylenol it seems t be like a speed for her. She has a very adidictive attitude it scares me for her future when I won't always be there like I am now. I admit I have spoiled my children I don't believe in physical disapline never have which they are to old for that anyway 10 and 12 but she is raising my bp like it never has b4 and causing me a great deal of anxiety and stress please help. I ground her I explain why I have long talks to find out what's going on she says most of the time she don't know or denies stealing and lying but I know she does please help jaime