I had a spinal fusion l5s1 las feb. and i am still expeeriencing alot of pain in my lower back. It is ruining my back. My surgeon has passed me back to my general doctor who is stumped. She tried pt, muscle relaxers, took mri's and xrays (all negative). She prescribed me tramadol and hydroxizene for the pain which did help much at all but at least it was something. However she will not prescribe me anything else and has passed me on to a pain management center. i have been seeing this guy for a month now at a huge cost to myself. I have had 3 steriod injections that were very painfull and expensive and I have had no relief. I saw him today and he accused me of lieing about being in pain. He did not come right out and say it that wayy, his exact words were "casual observers inn the waiting room have said you seem just fine and you have range of motion". I was shocked and stunned and did not know how to respond. I told him that I can move, but that does not mean I am not in pain? My wife was there with me and she was so upset she started to cry. I am in so much pain daily that my life is crumbling around me. I cannot make love to my wife, I cant mess around with my kids, and any kind of excersise of entertainment that involves standing or sitting for to long is out of the question. I feel hopeless I have not cried as much as I did today. I really feel like just calling it quits, my family would be better if I wasnt around to burden them anymore. I have been told by a couple doctors that I am too young to be having these problems (im 32) and there is no medical reason for my pain. I have beenn made to feel like a drug addict and a peice of trash. I have no meds for pain now and another sleepless night ahead of me which will only cause me to think more and more about what i am doing here. PLEASE HELP!! I cant be strong for my family much longer, I have used everything I have to make it this far.