... little over 3 months now started at 12mg after getting up to 8 vicodin a day after going thru chemo so I found this doctor who put me on 12mg of the suboxne and I stayed on that for 3months then when i researched it I paniced and dropped down to 2 mgs a day for 26days now I'm taking about 1mg for the past 5days I know this was a fast taper but I did what I felt like I had to do plus I tried to get ahold of the doctor who started me on this and he still has never returned my calls anyway I did find another doctor and she has never gotten anyone off of this but seems to think it'll be no pblm. but I haven't found that to be true on these sites. I have read about Roberts tapering schedule and I'm trying to do that every 4 or 5 days redusing but I'm just really scared about the 1/2 life and the stacking up of that drug in my system since I went down so fast. I've been feeling ok just restless, hot flashes and some sleeping issues but all in all doing well. I also was put on citalopram 20mg 3 weeks ago for the depressoion. The worst part to is that my oncologist dosen't think I should be put on my cancer medication until I'm off of the suboxone can anyone PLEASE help me I'll be forever grateful. One more thing I'm not good on the computer at all so I'm having a hard time getting in touch with Robert except for sending him a private message so I hope this is the best way to get in touch with him. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for any advice you can share. God Bless