this past weekend,, I still have not found the right pain doc that I pan on staying with, However I do have an appointment to see this one for the second time. Now mind you I have been on 100 mgs of oxycontin up until last march, my primary care said she would help out until I found a doctor, however she decided she did not want to get involved. My pain is so out of control they I cannot even use the stairs, or bath myself, or do anything much for that matter. The pain has gotten to the point where I thought it was not fair for my husband to have to deal with this.
Well I was so stupid I went and for 2 nights in a row attempted to overdose on any and everything I had in my possession, along with od and new meds, I can give you a list of 14 different pills I took, which I took 5 of each on sat night and when I woke up I was pissed I was sill alive, so I repeated the process only this time I did not wake u for almost 24 hrs.Since my husband is a firemedic he made sure I did not need a hospital and continued to monitore my vitals.
Well today is Wed and I am suppose to get blood work done, and I have no clue if I shoud spring this on him, cos I know there will be at least 9 meds in my system that I never listed on my registration papers.
can anyone help me on what is the best thing to do.?
I am pretty scared since he seemed like the only one that seemed willing to work with me.
Thanks and love to all scared in Cleveland Ohio