I was diagnosed with Endometreosis (stage 4), and interstitial cystistis 11 years ago. I've had 13 surgeries (non-successful) as there's no cure for this disease. I've tried everything from surgeries, to holistic, to "specialists"; and for the past 5 years I've been on Percocet 10/325 which doesn't even put a dent in the pain anymore. I'm a Firefighter/EMT and have been part-time now due to the pain for almost 5 years. I desparately want to have managable pain so that I can return to work full-time. I've traveled to N.C, D.C., FL, and AZ. seeking help, participating in studies for individuals where the disease has progressed as far as mine, to no avail. I reside in Michigan just outside of Ann Arbor. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so very much for your time. I wish you all a healthy and happy recovery.