whether I should go into detox or not. My doctor, who i don't trust and therefore why i'm writing this found me taking too much Ativan. I have always have had extreme anxiety issues. 1mg of Ativan was way too little to curb my anxiety, so I though taking 2 or 3 would work. It did work, but the end of the month was montruous. BTW I've been through many doctors, but the last 25 years, always on one benzo or another. THIS doctor wants me to do to detox right away for a week, wash away all the bezos out of my system forever!!!

If I hear from you guys that this is the most wonderful idea on the planet, then I'll go for it. If there are concerns, please tell me. He wants to combat my anxiety with Neurontin, Celexa Buspar. Please help. When my anxiety hits the top it spills over into depression which is very hard to get out of. I really rely on those benzos to get me through some tough times.

Any input is great, CAthleen