I'm a 54 year old divorced mom of 5. I raised my kids alone for the last 15 years after leaving an abusive marriage. I was diagnosed many years ago with depression, have had a lot of talk therapy in the past and have been on a number of anti-depressants. I've never had much relief with these and always struggled with weight gain as a side-effect.

I'm currently taking 350 mg. bubropion xr and still suffer a lot of depression and negativity. I take 20mg. methylphenidate for ADD, and I also take .5 mg klonopin/day as needed for anxiety and 1mg. ativan occasionally for severe anxiety at night, and to help with sleep. These are all as prescribed by my general physician. I do get a lot of help for ADD symptoms with the methelphenidate, but I think that and the bupropion may likey be adding to my anxiety symptoms. I'm thinking about consulting again with a psychiatrist but I'm frustrated with the difficulty in finding what works best for me and the problems I have. Does anyone have experience with the same kinds of problems I'm having and have any suggestions?