Got hooked on opiates by doctors script... an accident. Went to detox to get off opiates and they stopped my Lorazepam 2mg at bedtime just because. Now I am off opiates, but hurting bad from Benzo withdrawl. Didn't even know it would be an issue. Am back on benzo's to do the taper... here is the problem. I was 2mg at bedtime for sleep for almost 8 years. I know I have to spread it acrosss the day and am trying .5mg/6 hours. The idea is to convert to another med and taper properly (like damn slow!) Problem is the withdrawl is horrible and I can't get stable... why? Because of converting night to a spread across the day? I was all the way off for 2 weeks not even knowing why I fealt bad until someone said I was in secendary withdrawl from Benzodiazapines... HELP