I had several bad things going on in my life & developed anxiety that was more than I could handle, so I went to my Dr. who put me on a dose of 4 mg. a day to start! It helped alot. Too bad I wasn't informed on the drug more because now I'm severly addicted & been on a high dose for almost a year! I've tried to stay home & get through the withdrawls but I can't. I feel like I'm dying. I can't wait to line up a detox program. I'm wondering/hoping I can go to the ER & they can help me detox comfortably. At the same time I'm very scared & nervous. I've been to rehab. I don't need that. I've learned I never want to take another drug ever! I can't believe what I've seen this Dr do. Will they help me at the ER since I have no time to wait? How will they detox me? They act very cold towards me so I'm very concerned if they'll keep me comfortable. What will most likely be their method to detox me and will they if I just walk into the ER? Please help!