I was on suboxone for 3+ years but because of side effects and being unable to cope with the Xone I decided to switch to Tex. I am feeling a lot better with the Tex, I am just trying to figure out how to get myself off it all. I am needing surgery and have some dental work I need done, but due to a bad past experience of surgery while on Xone I am scared to proceed with either. My dr is a jerkoff and doesn't care about his patients. Just his money. Can anyone help? I don't trust my dr's way to stop Tex. Mostly because he is a moron. I take generic Tex. They vary between the white round and white oval depending on what the pharmacy has in stock. There was a time where I had some of each. They usually have the oval ones and that is what I have now. I don't like them. I am currently on about 12mg a day of Tex. Thanks for the help