The problem is that he started methadone to get off oxycontin.When he first started going to clinic 4 months ago they started him on 40mg of methadone a day. Now they have upped his dose to 100mg.My son has lost over 100 lbs.and now weighs only 110 lbs and is almost 6'tall.When he leaves clinic he staggers and cannot function.He sleeps all day and his girlfriend and I must constantly check to be sure he is still breathing.My son also takes Klonopin 2mg and zoloft 150mg per day, and I worry that some day he may not wake up.What can i do?Can I question the dosage at the clinic? Why would he continue to have his dose raised when he wants to get off methadone? My son is very confused and has asked for my help. He has asked me to go to the methadone clinic with him and speak to someone.His quality of life is gone since starting the methadone clinic.If anyone out there has any experience or advise I would be very grateful.I am worried sick!