my name is krystal and i have been suffering with pain since i was a child. i was never aloud to wear backpacks because it hurt my back to much to support the weight. i went threw years of physical theropy 3 to 4 times a weak. as i got older it seemed to get a little worse. then i had three children and 3 years and the pain i have is all over my body back ,neck,hips,feet. its horrible. i can not live this way. i am a stay at home mother and my entire life is being held down by my pain and exhaustion i was diagnosed with fibromyligia but i still cant find a doctor that will help me. i have had doctors tell me that i must not be in that much pain because at every apointment my children are very clean and polite they tell me if i was suffering the way i say that i wouldnt be able to care for my children in the ways i do. i dont think it is fair i am being judged because i am a good mother that pushes threw the day for my children. i barely can brush my won hair now. it is getting to the pooint that chewing my food hurts my jaw so badly i have to take breaks from chewing. i have shyed away freom doctors in the last few months because i feel they dont listen to my screams of help. my entire life is being affected horrible because of this pain . i need a doctor who is willing to help me i need my life back its only getting worse. please help