,ive tried chiropractors?I have minimal luck staying out of pain,the painlevel starts at 7 then by the end of the work day im 8-9 this stinks,I'm currently on strong medicine(hydrocodone 7.5/325 and it helps bring it down to 5-6 on the pain schedule,still has no effect on my back spasms and appetite/nasuea,My Dr. said :I have some serious nerve damage level 3??? took test similar to milogram and tried injections,Im just looking for something that works for the spasms and anxiety i get from this,its bad enough being disabled and working ,just hope, i can find the muscle relaxer or something to help with the nerve pains.I can barely stretch and want to get over this hump with/or without surgery.I have moderate spondylosis,an degenerative disc disease(3 discs are gone now) with nerve damage, mostly in my left leg,I also have bursistis in my right hip n that hurts so bad at times, all i can do is pray. I dont want to be dependant on pain meds but ive tried all the non-narcotics,both for muscle spasms and pain and the narcotics are all that work for me!I think i have a high level of tolerance for the meds... CAN ANYONE PLEASE SEND ME SOME SUGGESTIONS about medications only:( ive tried the exercises(makenzie,etc... )I try to stay active as i can,(fishing,hiking,outdoors etc..). I'm disabled and have too be careful not to over do it(which means i can only fish for limited times,an hour or two at most).If you have similar conditions or your a Dr.,M.D./D.O/PAIN SPECIALIST,I would appreciate your advice,I dont want to take so many painkillers when there is a combination that can work for me even if its low doses:)I have been Looking/asking for help for over ten years now... Anyone care to share their insites, Thanks for your time,I really do appreciate it,
Hurting Marcus