Omg, I never thought the w/drawal from 8 mg suboxone would be worse than perc w/drawal! This has been such a traumatic, spiralling out-of-control week that I have been feeling like I wanna die. I would never have stopped cold turkey, except that my clinic wasn't returning my calls and days had already gone by.. I figured, I've gotta be done with the worst of it by now. WRONG! I'm at day 7. I literally haven't slept in days and I'm soooo sick with w/drawal. Each day actually gets worse, not better. I'm at day 7, and I'm wondering if I'm at the end of it. I absolutely refuse to go back on any opiate, including suboxone, to fight this, as I'd have suffered horribly for a week for nothing and eventually have to go through at least minimal w/draw using a taper-down method. Any ideas of how to get rid of the severe w/drawal during sleep? THREE adivan did nothing but put me into a stupor, but I still freaked out all night with those "electric jolts" that cry for sub. It's been almost too much to bear. Anything that helps?