... I took them for around 18 months they were new here when he precribed them and I could find nothing bad on the internet about Lexapro. After taking them for a long time I was not feeling good, felt strange and found the Lexapro side effects page here. I was/am experiencing pain in my right eye spasmodically but persistantly. I saw that the retina detaching from the eyeball was one of the side effects of Lexapro so I took myself off Lexapro 5mg every 2 weeks and was free of the pills around 2 months ago. 3 days ago I survived a serious pulmonary embolism and I am pretty sure I have deep vein thrombosis in my right leg. Today I came back to the side effects page for Lexapro and have found both conditions listed as side effects of Lexapro. Am I silly thinking taking Lexapro over an 18 month period could have caused this? I certainly have never had any sign of these things previously