okay im Brandon im 27 i was addicted to pain meds and benzos ive always been a working junkie all those meds made me feel like superman i coul work lots of hours and it never bothered me i was at the top of my game making 22.00 bucks an hour as a lead laser operator but it came crashing down when i qiut taking pills i could not even get out of bed so anyway i put myself into treatment 4 months now and feel so much better im seeing the phycyatrist that works with my treatment center i was self medicating because of emotional things i got going on i have gad and adhd and am borderline insomniac my head never shuts down and its terrible well im not doctor shopping anymore and have been following my doctors and phyciatrists orders to the letter because im more serious about being well than any other thing in my life my doc after trying many other meds has put me on suboxone and for me its a god send right now but for my anxiety im on lyrica and hydroxyzine man thats a waist of time and liver absolutely nothing but a dry mouth i still cant sleep the ambian puts me to sleep but i wake up in 3 hours my brain just wont stop running ive been taking adderall forever and the right way so i know thats not it i understand why they wont give me like xanex but that other stuff is really just crap so what else is there?