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I know someone who wants to come off lithium after 8 years can she do this she has been well for ye?

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Sh1thappns 21 Dec 2010

Is there any reason or just because she thinks she's well and what do the doctors say? Lithium is a very strong medication and there is usually good reason to be on it. I would definitely talk to her doctor first. My 19 year old cousin had to come off of it last year because she got pregnant and as soon as she had her baby she was right back on it. She seemed to do very well off of it but when the time came she was ready to get back on it because she knew who mental state would be unpredictable without it.

angelamcc1 21 Dec 2010

yes she is well. although when diagnosed she did have the manic episodes she feels it was what was happening in her life so many traumatic times, also she is very worried about the effects of lithium to the body all this time.

Inactive 21 Dec 2010

Hi Angelamcc,
Ask you friend "why fix it if it ain't broke"??? She may find herself quite a mess without this med. Just a thought.
Good luck to you and your friend. free discount card

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