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I know someone who takes 7 percocet 5 times a day is that dangerous?

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Inactive 17 Oct 2009

obviously this personn is an addict but even more troubling is that much tylenol everyday can eventually do liver, kidney damage. If this is a supposively pain problem then they should be on a sustained release version which is oxycontin. This person is headed for serious trouble...

xxChristin22xx 17 Oct 2009

It could be potentially very dangerous. If the person is taking other medications there could be a possible drug interaction. It also depends on how long the person has been taking the percocet 5x a day, and what mg it is. Is the medication perscribed? All of these things determine just how dangerous it could be.

jonesgottastop 18 Oct 2009

absolutely this is dangerous. there is no way a doctor in his right mind would be giving someone 7 percocets to take at each dose and of course not 5 times a day. your friend must be buying them. so it is not just dangerous but life threatening because please believe me from expercience that addiction never takes a step down -- only increases. if your friend is taking seven right now at a time within a few weeks they will be taking 10 at a time or they will discover a new pill that will give the same effect but smaller dosage. these pain meds in my opinion is the worst epidemic to ever hit both canada and the united states. there are thousands of people dying of pain med overdose each month and still nothing is being done - doctors are still using there pens and writing out scripts while funeral services are being planned.

redblue 18 Oct 2009

says just a few weeks and he is not taking any other meds.and they are tec is what it says on them.

seekingserenity 20 Oct 2009

I know someone prescribed almost that much for severe chronic pain. They have tried every other pain treatment albeit the implanted modrphine pump and that may be coming. This person started on 1-2 percs 3 x day which means 8 per day and over a couple years the prescription is up to 30 (I think) per day and can't remember if they are on 10's or 5's. He also takes a time release something. I don't know what my opinion is about this...

Have never heard of that type of pain prescritpion right away?


jonesgottastop 23 Oct 2009

first i need to apologize ... i don't know all the facts and i was reading and writing this while i was detoxing myself...
i was 33 years old and my doctor was giving me 240 percocet a month. i had nothing wrong with me except every time i saw mt doctor i said my back was more sore... no xrays, no explanation needed... in saying that my mother died 2 years ago from cancer and was on the morphine patch and then the pump and she so needed it.. within 6 months of being diagnosed she died and i wanted her as comfortable as possible threwout that period. there is a definate use for these drugs. my fight is that in my career i am responsible for the clients i servous and i think that doctors need to be much (not think i know) more diligent in decifering(spelt that wronglol) who are the addicts and who are the true people in need.. they need to be accountable and as of yet there is no accountablility. so im sorry to everyone who needs these meds... my prayers are with u all..

motocrossman 5 Nov 2009

it is only safe to take 2000 mg of tylenol per day if your friend is on the 10/325 version u do the math he will be a candidate for a liver transplant free discount card

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