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Has anyone tried Cipralex / Lexapro for severe anxiety/depression and did it help?

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2 Aug 2010

I have been on Lexapro before and it definetly helps with Depression and Anxiety.Though it didn't help me very much personally on the anxiety side but everyone is different and these drugs might work better for you than they did me.I hope this has helped you some what and if you have any more questions about these drugs you can Private Message me or talk to more people on the forums about these drugs.

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2 Aug 2010

doesnt help me at all for aniexty but i am beginning to see a little bit on my depression ..i take 20 mg lexapro... but EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT... good luck to you

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christineATU 3 Aug 2010

lindagail, I'm happy to hear your med is starting to work. Hang in there, give it time, I have a feeling you will do good on it. I didn't mean to scare you off with so much info about it.


3 Aug 2010

side effects can cause anxiety this is a few of side effects this drug can cause, and these cause anxiety
•unusual excitement
•changes in sex drive or ability
•excessive tiredness

Some of the side effects; Also cause anxiety
either drowsiness or sleeplessness, sweating, and sexual dysfunction
Call your doctor if you experience mental difficulties (agitation, confusion, anxiety, or panic attacks), dizziness

The bottom line is understanding that drug side effects can cause MORE depression or anxiety. Anxiety and depression drugs can work against each other and really mess you up. I have learned this through my psychologist
for more information , ask me to be a friend then we can send massages

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