f course I have had a failed brain surgery for chiari malformation and a fusion with hardware in my cervical spine which was not done rite and failed also. I also am having yet another surgery in Dec. to try and 'fix" the hardware plus another fusion this time my ENTIRE cervical spine. Dr. will also remove three disc's as they are all jumbled up and causing awful, painful pinched nerves down my right arm. 2 bone graphs will also be performed. One from my hip,the other from my back to be used in place of my discs. I suffer all the time and these new 50 mcg flat adhesive patches do NOTHING for my pain. I have been on several types of pain meds thruout the years so now i have a very high tolerance. What would put a horse down is like a tylenol to me. my dr. just uped my patch last week and so do i call him and say, well,this isnt working either,can you up it again? I have never felt any euphoria like i have read other people do. i was on 100 mg. avinza which has morphine in it. helped some with the pain and my dr. was going to up the avinza but even with my insurance it cost 180.00 so i couldnt afford it any more. i also take LOTS of over the counter ibprophen. I hate to do this, Im so tired of feeling like a drug addict. I cant help it ive had to go thru all these surgeries and now another one. I dont know what to do. Im just so tirted of suffering and these pain meds not working. I also take 4 mg dilaudid 3 times a day. Still i suffer! any advice for me?