... finally decided to join, mainly to let you guys know about one fact... getting off suboxone isn't a huge deal like I have been reading on here! I have taken about 30 norcos a day and anything else I could get my hands on except for heroin and finally decided it was best to get into recovery instead of dealing with the hassle of finding pills, going to the doc, etc. and finally getting my life back so I got on Subs almost a year ago. The doc prescribed me 2 8mgs of SUB twice a day - which I knew was too much, but took the script because those suckers are expensive and I only had a $10 co-pay. Anyhoopers, I FOUND that I could go through 3 days on only one 8 mg of suboxone, so I don't think it's going to be a big deal when my script from April 2009 of 120 is gone. I just felt the need to share this, because I have read alot of anxiety on here from people thinking they are going to have major WD symptoms. My withdrawal from these when I wait 3 days to take them are not 1/4 as bad as WD from pain pills! They are stomache upset and some depression/ lack of motivation. That's it! Don't put yourself in this box believing everything you read on the net about these pills, cuz it gives you that mental un-ease. If you want to stop taking SUBS you will most likely be fine when the time comes. Peace!