... backpain is horrific (really chronic pain is) I agree I took Fentanyl and I took it as long as I could stand a dose but I could not function. I have used MS Contin but it makes me so moody and anxious, the one I take and just tolerate is Dilaudid I think the reason I can be up and moving is because it is short acting (I really don't know) I have had some excellent suggestions on here I go back to the doctor on Monday these fractures in my back are horrible I guess one thing I hear is that what works for one person will not always work for another, I am fortunate to have a doctor that works hard and gives me a lot of time and makes me feel like it is no problem for her, I can't tolerate Oxycontin it makes me so shaky, I have never tried Methadone and I try and consider that medications are expensive and I don't want to make it more difficult for other patients out there, I basically keep records of the meds I take and am open and honest with the doctor it seems that I have seen so many stories of various effects and reactions that I believe that you just have to keep trying, if I could function without the meds I would throw them away but I know in order to be safe you just can't do that so I will continue to do the best I can caringsonbj