Since I just got put on it a couple days ago, I am willing to giving this medication a chance to begin working, especially since the withdrawal symptoms are so severe. I'm also concerned what will happen if I DO continue to take this medication.

I just dumped my boyfriend without giving him a chance for the relationship to develop into something stronger and more lasting. We have been friends for awhile and I decided to answer his offer for a relationship.

Since starting Lexapro, I have become increasingly numb and I'm showing signs of paranoia disorder.

It isn't natural for me to just suddenly quit trusting those close to me and suspecting that everyone is secretly plotting to bring me down. With all the drama in my life, it's no surprise I'm reacting with suspicion, but I'm taking it to the extremes. People who aren't even part of the situation have their own drama to deal with and I'm worried they are speaking about me.

When I researched Paranoia Disorder before, I didn't satisfy more than one of the symptoms. Since taking Lexapro, I now satisfy at least two. There's no point in continuing to take this medication if the numbness grows strong enough for me to literally hurt people and render my friendships unrepairable. I am becoming so blunt and straight-forward that it's more pain than it's worth. Innocent people are getting hurt because of my remarks and my problems.

I'm also extremely confused--which was true before taking the Lexapro but considering how numb it's made me I am unable to get in touch with my emotions or even think clearly.

This is just what I've noticed from taking Lexapro. Other than that, I'm just worried that I ruined a perfectly good relationship with a perfectly wonderful man. Now he won't even talk to me because Lexapro drives me to insane proportions.

I can't control myself, nor am I certain if Lexapro is doing this or not. I need some advice. My psychiatrist will not see me again so soon, yet my numbness and my aggression is worsening. Is this normal? Does it go away over time? How long should I wait until it's a problem that must be reported? I'm desperate to return to normal.