... day) i was taking 7-8 10mg hydrocodone/oxycodone pills a day on average maybe alittle more at times for 3 years... on monday at 7:30 pm i took my first 8mg Sub and it took away all my withdraw syptoms (withdrew for almost 30 hrs) and i felt great but after awhile around midnight i was sweating and having trouble sleeping it just felt like yeah this stuff might be too strong so yesterday at 3 pm (i still felt pretty good but wasnt sure if i should miss a dose) i took half a pill 4mg and i had alittle bit of a cold sweat annd clammyness but no w/d symptoms at 9:30pm last night i tried 6mg to see how that felt,i just want a comfortable dose but i can't tell if i'm feeling this way bc i'm in the 1st couple days onn the sub and i'm just not use to it or if the dose is just kicking my ass,,i'm up right now bc i keep waking up after a couple hrs of a stupor like sleep real suddenly and sweating my ass off... I would appreciate any advice my dr just wrote the script and kinda sent me on my way with no real dosing advice,and i'm not sure about 8mg twice a day,would 4mg in the morning and 4mg in the evening be best?please help,thanks in advance.