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I just started taking stromectol 2 days ago. How longs did it take you until scabies were gone?

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Inactive 9 Jul 2010

Hi, This is a question that should be answered by your Doctor.
Or you can ask your pharmacist

Best of luck

Inactive 10 Jul 2010

Some important info:
1) Eggs hatch in 3-5 days ( some authors say rarely up to 8 days).
2) The Eggs are tough to kill. Permethtrin and Lindane is supposed to kill them, but it is easy to miss some. There is some talk about variants that are developing resitance to permethrin.
3) Hatchlings reach adulthood in 14 days ( there may be some variation, depending on temperature probably no less than 10 days)
IMHO the surest treatment is 2 doses of Stromectol, 200 mcg per body kilogram, taken 10 days apart.
The rationale for this:
Assuming there is no reinfection, the first dose kills any live mites. It does not miss any in your skin, because it gets into your blood and tissues. everywhere. It is probably a good idea to take some nice long salt baths, or use your favorite topical at the same time to kill any immature mites that live on your skin, and not yet burrowed in.
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