I have recently been dx with high blood pressure my doc has put me on 20mg of lisinopril daily I also have cml and I take Sprycel for that. My bp is going up and down I have my own monitor right now it is 140/71-90 minutes ago it was 166/80-3 hours ago it was 173/87 at 11:00 this morning it was 193/83 last night 173/80 etc. it jumps all over the place . It's scaring me the way it goes up like that. I couldn't take lopressor so I was weaned off that this is my second day on lisinopril 20mg a day. Is it normal for my bp to jump around like that. Also my left carotid artery is 100% blocked I take plavix,aspirin.& lipitor for that I just had a full cardio workup and it is fine but this bp is a new problem and I don't know how to deal with it when it goes up. I took a xanax and sat quietly until it went down to where it is now. Should the lisinopril stablize it pretty soon?