Hello! I have been taking Norco 10 mg about 80-100 mg a day for the last 10 years due to chronic pain. My doctor now believes that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am still undergoing testing for that. I will admit that I have abused the Norco for a lot of years not to get high but because the pain was so intense I was willing to do anything to try and make it better. I had recently experienced the Norco not working at all anymore, I don't mean not working as good as it used to, it just flat out does not work at all, I might as well be eating skittles for the pain. I have been fighting with my PM doc about switching my meds he just didn't want to do it even seeing my steady decline in my health and overall apperance. I went to see him again to try and get my meds changed because the pain was unbearable and suicide was on my mind I just felt I could no longer live like this, I am only 34 yrs old. After spending an hour talking to him he FINALLY agreed to put me on something else, and he put me on 10 mg Methadone 3 times a day for chronic pain. I really don't know much about Methadone and I am wondering what I should expect from this drug. I have been taking it for 4 days now and I feel great, I don't even have to use my cane to walk. The pain is mostly gone however in the afternoon/evenings I do have quite a bit of pain still. I also noticed yesterday that while @ church I was nodding off it was weird cause it was not like that the first couple days of taking the Methadone. My doc said he only wants me on the Methadone for a month or two but this stuff is like a miracle drug I can't remember when I felt this good health wise, Idk what to do when he tries and take me off of it because it helps me so much and I can't bare to think about being the way I was before so miserable. Any advice or info would be much appreciated sorry this is so long :)