are these the symptoms- tingeling in my arms and legs, myright side of my face is numb and the left is tingeling, im think i have a fever im really hot, i have goosebumps, im shaking like a leaf, im seeing black dots, my leg muscells feel week and its hard to stand and wak and when i stand i get dizzyer, my stumache hurts so bad as if someone repeatedly punched me in the stumache, anxiety, and my lips are tingeling. are those the symptoms?

and it feels like evrything is just slowly getting worse, like its not taking long and i feel like im suffering... (i hate the feeling)

last question- do you have to go to the ER when you overdose on adderall? i really dont wanna go... i wasnt intentonally trying to kill myself, i was trying to keep myself awake... can i just lay down at home and eventually evrything slowly goes back to normal???