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I just joined this support group to get some insight on how others deal with their fibromyalgia?

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rfoehl71 29 Jan 2010

Welcome! Everyone here is different, and we all have different stories.

I have taken a ton of meds to try to control FM; none of them have worked for me personally. I use moist heat therapy, and am about to start some new alternative treatments and will let everyone know how it goes.

It's a demanding, stressful thing to have. The more data you can find online, research, try things people suggest, the more you will know.

But a group like this is a great start to ask questions and find some friends that can share your pain and make it a little more easier to bear.

(or if you just need to Vent . . . )

missy2 29 Jan 2010

lyrica has been a life saver for me although the weight gain is a problem as is for all

momof7 30 Jan 2010

I too just joined this support group so welcome. It's been ten years since my diagnosis but I'm convinced I had FM long before the diagnosis. FM is a very difficult condition to live with. Somedays i'm not sure which is wost the pain or the fatigue. Here's the list of meds that i take to help manage FM, fatitgue, depression and sleep... i take cymbalta and abilify for depression the combination works really well for me, percocet (the strongest one they have) for pain up to 5 a day... i've been on percocet for so long now though it really doesnt give me the relief i would like need to talk to my doctor about some other options. i've tried ultram darvocet vicodin and even methodone which made me nauses all day... ambien the time released one for sleep this works pretty well for me and then i take a muscle relaxer flexiril as needed and clonazapam for anxiety as needed. . And lastly my fatigue and exhaustion were to the point that i was feeling like i needed to quit my job and apply for disability... after talking to my doctor about it she gave me a prescritption for provigil its a med to help with sleepiness and tiredness... i just started taking it so will have to let you know how it goes. i am hoping this med will help with the constant fatigue i have so that i can get to the gym and do some serious excercising that is supposed to help FM and then maybe i can get off of some of this medication.

What have you been doing or taking to help manage your FM? How long have you had FM? Do you have problems with sleep, depression or anxiety? What event or events do you think led up to you getting FM? im so glad we both found this site because having a support group is so helpful... those that don't have FM i think have a hard time understanding. Sometimes people will say you look great but little do they know how crummy im feeling. Hope to hear from you soon... momof7 free discount card

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