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I just got my lip pierced and I was wondering who knows the fastest way to heal it?

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primetimegrape 23 Sep 2011

Do you have an infection? I don't have body piercings myself, only tattoos, but I know sometimes u can get bad infections. My sister had her tongue pierced and ended up with a bad infection. Antibiotics would obviously have to be used, but if u are just talking from a general pain standpoint, keep it clean with hydrogen peroxide or if u can bear it, put some salt on it. Yes, I know it sounds crazy and will augment pain, but salt works wonders, esp. if u have an infection or the beginning of an infection. I assume they gave u instructions on how to keep it clean? If u do not have an infection (u will know this b/c u will be in alot of pain, not just normal pain, and there will prob. be swelling and alot of redness, and if this happens go to the doctor quickly) it is just a matter of time. Really not alot u can do to heal quickly except following the instructions they gave (or should have) provided to u. Best of luck and God Bless. free discount card

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