... working. the cramping is more towards the left side of my lower abdomen. if i lay on my side it hurts more, but when I lay on my back the pain can subside, but always comes back within minutes. I have been reading horror stories and im hoping all goes well. I seem to get all the negative effects of every drug I have ever taken, mainly other Bayer products like YAZ, which caused blood clots in both my leg and my lungs, and severe gallstones and gallbladder infection. (all of which required hospitalization and surgery)... I hope the mirena proves different because due to the yaz effects I am not longer allowed to take ANY estrogen, or ORAL progesterone. any advice??? how long does the cramping last... also, I had my period when I went in for the insertion, however my period stopped immediately after the insertion and no bleeding like they had mentioned would most likely happen... just severe cramping, where I usually end up in the fetal position