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I just gave my 12 year old daughter a motrin, can I now give her a tylenol sinus congestion/pain?

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Psychmajor 1 Dec 2009

yep, ibuprophin and apap can mix as long as they dont have any alike extra ingredients (ex of what i mean: tylenol PM has an antihistamine so you couldnt give her a benidryl after taking that)

barbles2413 1 Dec 2009

I always was told that you should wait 3 hours between giving tylenol after ibuprophen since ibuprophen last 6 hours and if you are trying to alternate for continuing comfort you should alternate every 3 hours.Let me know on this thanks

Psychmajor 1 Dec 2009

maybe, i just know the pharmacist told me you could didnt ask for how far apart free discount card

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