Hi Everyone,

I just found out yesterday that my husband has been taking Vicodin for over a year now. He started taking them 8 years ago for chronic pain and then the Dr.'s cut him off. Since then he said he was off except for when the Dr's would prescribe it. In the last year though he has started stealing them from family members. He has come clean to the family and to me now. He says that he wants to be clean and healthy. He has a call into a substance abuse counseling service and is waiting for a call back. He has been taking 6-8 pills a day and then has been down to 3 this past week - according to him. Now he is dealing with the family fall out of coming clean but claims no physical withdrawals. Is that possible? How do I know he isn't using now? I guess I am still in shock that my life partner of 18 years is in this position. What do I do now? HELP! Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!