I was upstairs with my four year old watching a movie before bed she went off to sleep i stayed up reading almost asleep until i hear a god awful noise downstairs literally giving me goosebumps i call out for him no response go down stairs ( didnt have my contacts in to see) hes not responding i walk around to the couch hes blue his eyes are rolling into his head i call 911 thinking hes having a seizure or something i lay him on the floor the paramedics and police arrive to ask what happened i have no idea they look and see his pupils the size of pinpricks they give him a shot of god knows what and inform me that it was a shot for an opiate addiction . my world is shattered i thought the love of my life was dieing in my arms . I need to know what to do he want to the e.r then jail after the hospital searched his clothing , hes out now but staying at his brothers . Im crushed i feel like a zombie, help ?