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I just began taking today. I'm dizzy, fuzzy headed, little glazed over. How long does this go on?

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Inactive 29 Jun 2011

Hello Jazzman51. The dizziness, lightheadness, are normal, common side effects. I imagine that since today is your first day, that your dose might be around between 75/100mg. It might take a few days, but hopefully, then you will have adjusted to the effexor. I once was on effexor, but not the xr, best wishes to you, hope that you begin to feel better.

LaurieShay 29 Jun 2011

Hey Jazzman,

As pledge said, the dizzy, fuzzy, glazed over feelings are common side effects of the Effexor and will take several days to a couple weeks to clear up. The side effects will gradually get better each day that you continue the medicine so hang in there. It will take upto a month for the Effexor to reach maximum effectiveness so again be patient and if the side effects become intolerable don't hesitate to phone the doc.

Best wishes,

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