changes in taste. This sounds just so totally odd but when my tongue touches the backs of my front teeth, it tastes... I am not sure if it is salty?bitter? I honestly cannot figure out what the heck. My dentist thinks I am a bit nuts... I havevery good dental hygiene, flossing... why would it be just my front teeth and my tongue want to go there all the time? I am only happy when I am chewing sugarless gum. Sometimes it seems it burns my tongue there. Maybe that is a gastro issue still? It is so frustrating when no one knows what to tell you. Perhaps I should see a nutrition expert. I am so sick of myself ha!

What have I done? Been to an ENT I do have Gerd but is well under control with Protonix I think for the past year. I do have dry bad when I wake up in the am, went off of Pristiq because it caused dryness to be WORSE. Had an endoscopy and there is irritation. I wanted to confirm taking Protonix is necessary. I had an MRI of my brain-my internist recommended going off Pristiq. Everything checked out fine there. Honestly, I would greatly appreciate it if any of you folks could share your opinion of how I should proceed to correct this. I drink alot of water. Wine tastes terrible so I do not drink these days.

It might be the Pristiq due to dryness and if so how long before I would notice a difference. I am currently taking Lamactal, Klonopin at bedtime and Neurontin 200 mg. for pain issues. Thank you so much in advance. Feeling frustrated as I taste salt... or is it metallic or is it... YIKES!!!