My mom/midwestma asked if I would leave of message here for all her friends, she may not be on for awhile, she was in ER with severe lobar pneumonia again this year, and is very depressed, normally my mom is always full of cheer, no matter her pain she always bring up us kids,even tho we're adults, she never complains, I've never seen like this before, her O2 levels are at 67, and when she walks it drops even lower, docs say she will have to go home on O2 machine again this year, she has been crying a lot,some thing she don't usually do, we are so worried about her, I don't know what I would do if I lost the best Mom god could ever give us. I am so depressed myself, can anyone help me, she tries to be upbeat, but I know her better, she comes here often, I know, everytime I visit, she is on this site always trying to be a help to others, so I don't understand why she won't let us help also, Im always tellinging her what a blessing she is to have such a great mom, no oher like here. Can anyone help me to help her? I'm afraid of losing her, (crying now), I don't know what i'd do without her in our life. I've read many posts here, from all of you and her posts a so typcal of her, always there for evryone else,and she forget how important she is to us tool Mom has been so through so much mediclly and yet she is always maintaing a smile for all those around her, I would lay down and die if she where not here. I'm so scare. she has tri-lobpar pneumoia , her 'ana test and sed rate is off the charts, her blood preassure is so high, 182/117 and her O2 leveles are so low. I am scared. and she is only worried about offending someone here fear of thinking someone here is thinks she is ignoring someone here, I can see by the posts why she likes it here so much. If I am rambling so much please excuse me, I am just worried about my mom. again thank you so much, any help would be so appreciated/ second oldest daughter of in our family,, and we are so worried abourt her any suggestions would really help right now ,thank you so much for listening. Nancy;midwesta 's second daughter.