and my body is going thru some withdraws, it goes to show the brain part in this addiction. has anyone ever had gone thru this or is it just me? today is my refill and i will cut back about 2.5 mgs ,thats how its been successfull for me to bring myself back to 130 mgs. now the hardest part for me is getting below 130mgs. but with your help, alot of hot showers and the will to do this, next week ill be at 125 mgs,and on my way to reduceing another 2.5,id like to sincerely thank you mickfromchicago, laurieshay, mary, pupu and the rest of our dc family for being the best support, cheering me on and never failing prayers and patience. i dont say this much, because its a word with great feelings, but i love you all and am so thankfull that found this site.leanne